7th February was marked as one of the darkest day for the democracy. Minority of people and military coup were all around Male’. Police & Cops around the city Male’. It was not so  clear that what the picture was. though we have seen confused president with the cops who were protesting against him.  Soon we got the news that president Nasheed stepped down from the presidency. Before leaving the office he conveyed the address to the nation stating that he is resigning for the sake of the people and the country. Very true infact. All the cops were gone bad ! They forced president nasheed to step down at gun point. It was the very least acceptable act in democracy but oppositions and police with military coup did it ! I was ashamed of what all did ! I had no more respect for the police and military for a coup they did. The day went on with sadness for the people and happiness for the some people. Is it really what people wanted (or) is that total autocratic military coup ! I would like to say it was a coup ! Yes it was.


8th February evening with president Nasheed Dozens of people were protesting around the Male’. A silent protest but with the dozens of people when Nasheed and his followers went near Maldives Monitory Authority (MMA) (where oppositions were protesting for over 22 nights) Coup charged against president nasheed & his followers hurting dozens of people . It was a coup and so many were arrested while hospitals got busy with the injured people. The day was marked as another darkest day to democracy and probably there was no act made by Waheed on such violence by police. Question is the police really do have such a power ?

Siyah Khaleel

Photo of MDP protesters at Massive gathering