President state…


President stated that he was forced to step down at gun point! what we have seen as a reality. At the 7th of this month we have seen troops forced president to step down ! videos and other contents of media have shown the proof of what i mentioned just now. They have not followed chain of command and with broken code of conduct i really can say that we have no more trust to any cops out here in Maldives.

Along with some political oppositions our military troops joined in this dirty game of the politics to kick out our president (World’s Island President) out of office ! Of course most least activity of politics. President came with a peoples poll & I believe that president should be selected with a peoples poll not by a military revolution. Specially country like Maldives should follow such a line in democracy and so its not acceptable that when oppositions felt that they will not be succeeded in the game and so wanted to have a revolution without seeing what exactly citizens of Maldives feel. This is a democracy its not a military government and crossing the borders of the law should not be accepted by any of us . What i can say is 30 years of dictatorship 3 years of democracy & Another 3 DAYS of military government ! This is big picture of our Maldive Nation!

7th February : Scene was non military officers went on commanding the cops when they really don’t have any legal obligations or legal authority on making commands. This was not accepted wrong and in democracy it is considered as foxes around, and its important for everyone of us to eliminate these foxes as soon as possible to make this country law full and peaceful nation.

Following day at 8th of this month nasheed stated to press that he was forced to resign at gun point. Very true on what we saw. It was a coup and with the massive armed forces around and no control on his hand he was forced out to leave the office without any choice. With the urgent meeting of his Party he went on with his followers for a silent protest around the Male’ . Never expected force charged on them and harmed several followers and Members of Maldives Democratic Party. Nasheed was beaten so badly and other leaders of the MDP were also beaten ! So is this what we call democracy ? Is this what we call peace ? Is this what we call freedom of expression ! No we call this as a political violence against several innocents ! Not acceptable !


Siyah Khaleel