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Month: March, 2012

Earth Hour – Chance to Save our Planet –

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Earth Hour

Earth Hour 2012 – Dare the World to Save the Planet. Switch off your lights on Saturday 31 March at 8:30pm to be part of the world’s largest voluntary action for the environment

Earth Hour is a universal message of hope and action to protect the one thing that unites us all – the planet. Together our actions add up.

Earth hour is defined as another Hour that we spend in earth to save our planet ! Every year at Earth Hour we gather to one place walk around Capital City Male’ , Switch off Lights for One Hour and then with Authentic Dhivehi Boduberu we finish the day. Not exactly what we actually want to see. Personally i have taken part in both of rally held in Male’ to mark earth hour, most of the people gathered just walked around the crowed and few friend of mine and myself raised our voice via megafone. Unlike any other protests or any other political rally we don’t want to see massive crowed yet we want to see crowed with active initiative who are loud enough to speak up against climate change and Globalization that causes massive damages to Environment and to the planet too. 

I suggest to have a campaign that shall prolong for a week or month. This campaign might be a door to door campaign explaining the scnerio to the every citizen or through internet websites and social networking (Best option i say). Well at this way we can convey what actually we must convey ! It is not about a rally that starts from one point and ends to the another point. We appreciate what scouts does . it is good to have rally but what for when it is not very fruitful. We must show actions ! We must not be someone who just hold a poster saying switch off lights when not in use and go back at home and do not actually show what poster says. That will not be any good to our environment and Climate Change.

We have to understand that we at low level. Sea level is raising every now and then ! First to have drastic impact will  be countries like Maldives where sea level is too low and we can simply do nothing unless these issues are voiced up and tackled. One rally for one hour and switching off lights for one hour will not yield anything. Those are not actions. Big picture will not show any good imporvements until unless we show something that can yield outcome that we need!

Fellow Maldivians , On this earth hour let us all make a aim to contribute to save our planet. Everyday we can do may things to stop what is happening. So it is your turn ! show something that will show the result at the end of the day.

Siyah Khaleel



Bestselling Author Shares 3 Tips for Building Your Blog Audience

Good Work ! Interesting Blog

The WordPress.com Blog

After moving from New York City to Chicago and getting married, Rachel Bertsche realized that her new life was missing one crucially important thing: a local best friend. So she decided to go on one friend date every week for a year, and she documented her quest on a WordPress.com blog at MWFseekingBFF.com.

But before Rachel even started the blog, the 27-year-old writer put together a book proposal based on her search for a local BFF, and successfully pitched it to agents, and then editors. She says, “After I sold the proposal, I decided to start a blog so that I could have a place to document my journey and some of the research I was finding. I also wanted to start building a community and to engage with readers.”

It’s now been over two years since Rachel first launched MWFseekingBFF.com. So did she accomplish her blogging goals?…

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Statement on Maldives by Acting Chair of CMAG 15 March 2012

Source taken from : http://www.thecommonwealth.org/news/245450/150312cmagmaldivesstatement.htm

The Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group held a teleconference today, to continue its consideration of the situation in Maldives.

The meeting was chaired by Hon Dr Surujrattan Rambachan, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Communications of Trinidad & Tobago. Other Ministers participating in the teleconference were Senator the Hon Bob Carr, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Australia; Hon John Baird, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Canada; Hon Bernard K Membe, Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Tanzania; and Hon Ebun Jusu, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Sierra Leone. Other CMAG members were represented by senior officials.

CMAG received an update from the Secretary-General on relevant developments in Maldives since the Group’s extraordinary meeting in London on 22 February 2012.

The Group welcomed the continuing Good Offices of the Commonwealth Secretary-General in Maldives and, in this context, the appointment of Rt Hon Sir Donald McKinnon as the Secretary-General’s Special Envoy. It attached great importance to the role of the Special Envoy and expressed its full support to him in his assignment.

CMAG noted with regret that the Majlis had not been able to convene as scheduled on 1 March 2012.

CMAG continued to be strongly of the view that the earliest possible expression of the will of the people was required to establish universal faith in the legitimacy of those who govern the country. The Group therefore expressed disappointment and deep concern at the lack of progress achieved so far through the All-Party Talks process to arrive at a political settlement in Maldives that would enable the holding of early elections in the current calendar year, as expected by the Group. It urged all parties to engage in dialogue without delay, in earnest and in good faith with a view to achieving agreement on the date of early elections, and the processes required to do so, including any necessary constitutional amendments and supporting legislation.

The Group also noted that the Commission of National Inquiry in Maldives had commenced its investigation into the events between 14 January and 8 February 2012, but that it had not secured cross-party support. In this context, CMAG acknowledged that international assistance for the investigative mechanism has been requested, and noted that the Commonwealth could be of potential assistance. It reiterated its strong belief in the importance of the work of the Commission and the conviction this should carry in Maldives and internationally.

CMAG continued to be concerned to ensure that former President Nasheed received the freedoms and privileges due to a former head of government.
CMAG urged that all political parties and their leaders should be able to participate fully and freely in future electoral processes.

CMAG once again urged all parties in Maldives to act with maximum restraint and mutual respect in their public statements and actions, with a view to maintaining order and an atmosphere of calm, and to seek an inclusive way forward.

The Group reiterated that the Commonwealth should provide appropriate assistance to Maldives in areas that promote adherence to Commonwealth values and principles, including the Judiciary, the Majlis and the Elections Commission. The Group welcomed the Secretary-General’s advice that a programme of assistance to the Judiciary would commence shortly.
CMAG decided to retain Maldives on its agenda, noting that it would meet in April when further steps could be considered in light of progress over the next month.


MDP Rally to Mark International Womens Day 2012

Hundreds of Women’s gathered around the Male’ Streets and voiced up for an early election and they demands Dr. Waheed to leave the office

Dr. Waheed automatically became President when Mr. Nasheed (The Island President) was forced to step down at gun point (Reports says)

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), had a several street protests with regard to the Military Coup.

International Womens Day 2012

Each year around the world, International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8. Thousands of events occur not just on this day but throughout March to mark the economic, political and social achievements of women.

Organisations, governments, charities and women’s groups around the world choose different themes each year that reflect global and local gender issues.

“Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures” is the 2012 theme of the internationalwomensday.com website


I always sleep when I am bored so I go for sleepSort out your old clothes for charity.drink loads of cidersit and ponder or read a bookGo shopping with your friends!Go on a picnic!!! Pack up a few simple things you like to eat and drink, grab an old blanket and a book, and take it to your favorite piece of grass. Its a great way to spend some time! It won’t be long until summer weather is at an end…celebrate it while you canplay snooker

Most of the time we really can’t decide what we will be doing on Saturdays. Most of us simply sleep whole day without gaining nothing in life. After a busy week days hooked up in office works, we shall really do something good to make our life good on Saturdays.

Leave your works aside, hang out with your friends, this will make your mind more opened to social works. Thinking about the social works that you can do can enhance your abilities and positive thinking. I must say best way to neglect all the negative thinking and stress is involvement in social works and activities. May be playing football for couple of hours is famous option for majority of youths out there. Not only football but all the sports are also considered as a social activities.

Involvement in social activities will make you aware of what is happening around the globe. also will open up your mind and this indeed will enhance the thinking capacity of yours. So don’t wait till your brain go crazy. Take a fresh shower and be around the town to chill out your life!