My concerns to about our Nation

Last year we got to see 11 brutal deaths. This year till I started to write this post we got to see 9 different brutal & unexpected deaths. These are the bold headlines that we never got to see earlier until last couple of years. Yes we have to believe that authorities have not considered such cases to that seriousness otherwise it should be to. We are of few people , I can say that we are small community of 350,000 people on a tiny beautiful island of the Maldives yet we are experiencing what we never expected years before. Social problems, political problems, family problems , these are the problems we have to take and tackle seriously. I am only 19yrs old but I have seen what my grandpa or grandma haven’t seen. I saw coup happened in the Maldives that led first democratically elected president to step down, I saw 11 deaths happened right here at the city on my 18teens and I saw another 9 deaths till date of this year. I can’t say that another death might not happen when I am writing this post. This is how our society is changed. We must not forget that we barely forget the face of someone who we see today, we are very of very few people and if our government listen to citizens it their main stakeholders and tackle the problems instead of making their all day plans to appoint new political positions or spending our money on political dramas. No we don’t want to see it we like the government who tries to be fair enough to everyone. Who tries to bring up justice to everyone no matter which political party they are belongs to or whether the citizen is rich or poor still we must be assured that justice will be given. But I gave this fear that at this situation our country may go into deep recession not only economically yet socially as well.

Therefore we shall be united and we must together try to create a peaceful society which is important in a practical democracy. May our country be blessed & future brighter than I think of.