Democracy Defined

While working towards a better democracy, today we are facing a lot of difficulties to the work that we are doing today to enrich the pure essence of a democracy in the Maldives.

What we need to talk about today is not about the government, we got to speak about the people, and we got to be used with peace not with the strong violence. We need to think a bit more about our depressed economy. Why can’t we spend a few hours of our day schedule not debating about the political issues yet solving what is best for the country. We are forgetting that the democracy isn’t only politics. Democracy as defined by United Nations says it is power to the people by the people. And it says that freedom of equality, Rights and all the aspects of good governance shall be what we have to see in a good democracy. Democratic issues are social, cultural, Environmental & politics as well. Therefore why can’t we use our power given to us by democracy and talk about the social issues that are about our society? I was just wondering why can’t we talk democratically, you know all of us conducting various events to talk about the environmental impacts that will kill us certainly if we did not act as sooner as possible. What my concern in that we only 350,000 people who talks only about one politics with given freedom of democracy will be a “strong poison” to us at the end of the day.

“Now I wanted to tell this story to you guys since I had a bad experience when my NGO where I work with few other NGO’s started this evening called “A Democracy Evening”. We expected a lot more support. You know! Like we wanted to see a lot of young minds  presented at the evening. Now! This evening was actually an evening where we meet, talk about the issues that concerns us the most. First evening went on ok but we saw only 10 people or less in the second evening despite the strong social media advertisement. What I wanted to say you is that if it was a a political party gathering or protest we will see thousands & when it is something like this where we are trying to highlight the issues and how to tackle that while policy makers, are busy getting ready to political gatherings of their respective party”

Well! Let’s hope that our very dirty trend of involved only in the game of politics will end up soon and we all will hand in hand to tackle the problems and forward our country for a better tomorrow. May god bless our country, people of the country and their family! Well wishes to the Island Country Maldives.