I always sleep when I am bored so I go for sleepSort out your old clothes for charity.drink loads of cidersit and ponder or read a bookGo shopping with your friends!Go on a picnic!!! Pack up a few simple things you like to eat and drink, grab an old blanket and a book, and take it to your favorite piece of grass. Its a great way to spend some time! It won’t be long until summer weather is at an end…celebrate it while you canplay snooker

Most of the time we really can’t decide what we will be doing on Saturdays. Most of us simply sleep whole day without gaining nothing in life. After a busy week days hooked up in office works, we shall really do something good to make our life good on Saturdays.

Leave your works aside, hang out with your friends, this will make your mind more opened to social works. Thinking about the social works that you can do can enhance your abilities and positive thinking. I must say best way to neglect all the negative thinking and stress is involvement in social works and activities. May be playing football for couple of hours is famous option for majority of youths out there. Not only football but all the sports are also considered as a social activities.

Involvement in social activities will make you aware of what is happening around the globe. also will open up your mind and this indeed will enhance the thinking capacity of yours. So don’t wait till your brain go crazy. Take a fresh shower and be around the town to chill out your life!